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Maui Car Rental. Enjoy the advantage of our Cheap car rentals with free Unlimited drivers, Free unlimited mileages, Free bookings, 24 hours Maui Airport services. Check our online rates and Book Now!

Welcome to kimo’s Rent A Car.  Our maui car rental location is just 1 mile away from Maui airport (OGG).  We are well known as one of the best budget car rental companies,  with discount and best car rental deals.  WE offer special discount and coupons for long term car rental. We want customers to payless and get the best car rental deals on Maui .

Our cars are safe, reliable, clean, and very well maintained. Check online rates and get instant cheap rates. Free Reservations and Payments Due on arrival.

Founded by Kimo in 2005, Kimos rent a car started out renting cars to friends that came to the island during the water sports season.  With effort, dedication and the loyalty of our friends and customers, we added one by one to our car fleet.  Today Kimos Rent a Car  is celebrating 13 years anniversary with over 150 very well maintain vehicles and discount  car rentals rates . Our business has expanded, not only to our friends but also to many other Maui visitors.  We are committed to keeping our goal the same as our first year, we want to help Maui visitors feel at home, be comfortable and safe during their vacation.

The island of Maui offers heavenly beaches and amazing natural wonders; there are plenty of reasons why Maui has been voted on the top “Best Islands” for tourists all over.  The island is also known as Home of the best windsurfing, kitesurfing, big wave surfing and tow surfing in the world. The love to the ocean and the island beauty is what brought us here and probably the same  reason you are visiting Maui.  We share with most of our customers some kind of passion, the love of the water sports and the ocean… or just the beauty of Maui. It is important for us that you  enjoy your time in this island… and we want to do everything we can  to contribute for an easy, affordable and great Maui vacation.

Kimo's Rent-A-Car BBB Business Review


Why choose Kimos Rent a Car from all the the Kahului rental cars?  The key to our success is in the number of repeated customers that continue to choose our car rental business year after year, for their maui vacations.  They keep renting from us because we have the best Maui car rental rates, the most friendly service and reliable used cars.

Kimos recently introduce our loyalty customer program as a way to show our gratitude to all our repeated customers.

Loyal customers get instant Free upgrades, or 10% discounton their car rental.

Our loyal customers are those who rented from us over the years.  Those friends, family and maui visitors that helped us build our business.

To be a loyal customer you need to have a minimum of 5 rentals with Kimos rent a Car. Once you complete your reservation you will receive 10% discount or an upgrade in your car rental. Boosters, baby seats and roof racks available free of charge.


maui car rentals 2

Kimos Rent a Car  also has a license to operate as a Used Car Dealer.  This new year we are going to start selling cars from our shop at Kahului.  All our rental fleet is for sale.  You can rent or purchase any of our cars.  You can try it and if you buy it we will give you 1 week rental for free.

We have great deals.  Email Us for more info on Kimos used car dealership at




We rent Compact, Midsize, Wagon, SUV, Minivan & Pickup

We have 2 Different price categories to chose from:

1 Older category:  has our oldest and cheaper  vehicles around year 2000.   This older category is perfect for people that want to spend the minimum as possible for a reliable car. Most of our older models have AC but it’s not guaranteed.

2 Newer category:  has our intermediate good looking vehicles  and great deals. this category has  vehicles around year 2003 to 2006, cold AC is guaranteed.   The newer category is great for people that can afford a better looking car but are also looking for good prices.


TAXES: State of Hawaii Surcharge tax $3/day.+ Hawaii GET 4%.
24 hours airport servicesmaui car rentals 4
No extra charge for extra drivers.
Young adult fee for under 25 ($5/day)
Unlimited millage.
No Hidden Fees.

Additional Services

  • 24/7 Airport Services (OGG)
  • Baby Seat per Day +$4.00
  • Booster Toddler Seat per Day +$2.00
  • Windsurfing soft Racks for Compact and Midsize +$2.00
  • free Windsurfing roof racks only for Minivans & SUVs
  • GPS +$10.00
  • Roadside Assistance per Day +$5.00
  • CDW (collision Damage Waver) per Day +$10.00
  • liability insurance (included in the rental)
For Information on Kimos Maui Car Rental Rates:pay arrival1
Check our  new instant online rates and reservation system and complete your booking right away.
Minimum Rental: one week is our minimum rate.

Minimum Age: Must be 21 or older, extra charge for 21-25.

Normal Season rates: our base rates start from $140/week + tax.

Higher Rates between October and April.maui car rentals 5

Our long-term rental rates are better than any of the rates you get in Maui.   You will get the best deal together with a safe and reliable car. Email us for Long term rates

Cancellation Policy: we don’t charge for cancellation if you let us know by email at least a couple of days before your arrival. we charge $100 for no show.

Our car rental feet offer vehicles for all different styles of customers. To windsurfers, surfers, spiritual and family visitors.


Kimos Maui car rental location is just 1 mile away from kahului airport (OGG).  Our shop is located at 440 Alamaha st, Kahului, Maui, Hawaii. We are 3 minutes away from kahului airport (OGG).   We offer 24 hours Airport Pick-Up & Drop-Off, so no matter what time you arrive to Maui, we offer 24/7 airport services including holidays.maui car rentals 3
Is important for us that you have an easy and smooth arrival after the long flights.  We offer Free shuttles to the airport during business hours (from 8am to 3pm, Mon to Fri & Sat from 8am – 1pm) and we have after hours  Airport Pick ups and Drop Offs arrangements.  Once you submit the rental agreement online, we will email you all the information regarding your arrival and departure.
Note: Airport parking $15 fee will be paid by renters for After hour authorized Drop off. If you want to avoid  $15 airport parking drop off , please return the car during our Business Hours.
For security reasons Never drop off the car without kimo’s authorization. It is very important that we know exactly your departure drop off information. Never leave the car unlocked.
Our Shop is open:
– Monday to Fridays from 8am to 3pm
– Saturdays from 8am to 1pm
– Sundays we are close, but even with the shop close we have pre arranged airport services.

The key of our success in the number of repeated customers that continue to choose our Maui car rental business year after year.  They keep renting from us because we have the best car rental rates ,the most friendly service and reliable used cars.  It is rare that any of our rental cars have mechanical issues or malfunctions. We ask customers to report any possible issue immediately. In case of an issue that requires repair we will replace the car inmediatly.  If you have any concern or if you are renting the car for over 3 weeks period, you can schedule an oil & water refill and car check up in our shop (abosolutly free of charge).

Please note that Renters are responsible to maintain oil and water levels in vehicle engine.  So just stop by the shop or call Kimos rent a car if you have any concern with your car rental.

In the event of an emergency, we offer you 24 hours emergency phone system.  No matter the time and date of your call, if our office is close or we are not available at the time of your call our automatic phone system will guide you and redirect your call in the event of an emergency, accident or lost key issues… so you always know what to do.

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Kimos rent a car provide Hawaii Car Insurance Requirements/Limits.  The state of Hawaii requires a minimum coverage limit by law for Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability.  However, you cannot rely on our insurance for your liability. Your current automobile insurance coverage may already cover rental vehicles when they are driven by you. Because the limits of the coverage are those stated in your policy please check with your insurance supplier. If rental vehicles are not covered they may have add-on plans covering rental vehicles or may offer general travel insurance plans covering all sorts of liabilities encountered while traveling.

Collision damage Wacer(CDW): For an additional charge, you can purchase an optional CDW to cover your responsibility for collision damage to the vehicle for an additional $10/day and a deductible. Before deciding to purchase the collision damage waiver, you should determine if your own personal auto insurance policy, credit card AND Automobile Clubs offer travel coverage plans for collision damage and the amount of deductible under your coverage.

Reservation Policy: To book a reservation, you must provide a valid driver license and a major credit card.  Debit cards can be used, with a refundable deposit drawn in addition to the full amount of rental. After your reservation is booked, there is a $100 cancellation fee.

Seatbelts and Child Car Seats: State laws require the use of seatbelts and child restraint seats. Seatbelts and child restraint seats can save lives. We urge you to use them. To avoid serious injury or even death, use child restraint seats only in the back seat of the vehicle. Children under 3 years old must be transported in safety seats that meet the federal standards required by law. Older children who do not use child restraint seats should ride properly buckled-up in the back seat. Infant seats should be requested at time of reservation.  A fee of $5/day for baby seat will be charged and $2/day for booster seats.  Please inquire about monthly rates for infant seats and boosters.

Leaving a child unattended in a vehicle is a violation of Hawaii law.

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We are starting a new year with lot of changes to better serve you.

We have a new KIMOS STAFF that will give you all assistance you need and ensure that our cars leave the shop in the best mechanical, well maintain and clean conditions.

We are upgrading the number and quality of the cars.   With a complete  car rental fleet of OLDER and Newer categories of Compact, midsize , minivans, SUVs and pick ups.

All the cars of our fleet are FOR RENT / SALE.  You can try any of our cars and if you buy it we will refund you a week of the rental.


Frequently Asked Questions & Most Important Tips for Maui Car rentals Best deals.


What documents will I need before I can rent the car? Kimos rent a Car ask for a valid driver’s license, proof of auto insurance and mayor credit card.

Can I rent a car without a credit card? A credit card was once required to rent a vehicle, but we may consider  other forms of payment. Without a credit card, however, you may be asked to provide additional documentation and a security deposit up to $1000  plus  car rental charges upfront.

What are my mileage limitations? Renting a vehicle in Kimos comes with unlimited millage. We don’t like to overcharge our customers with any additional fees.  

How much should I pay for an additional driver?  You can  add any number of additional  drivers Free of Charge.  But just remember that only authorized drivers can drive the rental car around  Maui. Contact Kimos to add more drivers to the car rental agreement.

How old do I have to be to rent a car from Kimos? The renter must be at least 21 years of age.  Young drivers daily fee apply to Renters under the age of 25 . ($5 per day)

How are rates calculated?The rates are based on a 24 hour rental day starting with the hour you pick up the vehicle. 4-hour no charge grace period before an extra day charge is applied when returning the vehicle in Kimos rent a car

What taxes or fees will be added to the rental fee? Our rates inlcude all the taxes ($3 per day and 4%GET) The only fee that is added is $10  airport parking Only for after hrs drop off.

How I can get my rental car and return it, if my arrival and departure is very late in the night or when Kimos Shop is close?  WE have many customers that arrives and departure during Kimos After hours (when our Shop is already closed)  So we have a 24/7 airport service system design to offer a very fast, simple and convenient airport pick up and drop off service at Kahului Airport (OGG).  All the necessary arrival and departure information will be sent to our customers after they submit their reservation.  You just need to know that airport parking charges are the renters responsibility. Kimos don’t make profit on those charges. We give the option to avoid those charges if you pick up or drop off the rental car from our shop during business hrs.

What is the latest time I can return the car? We have 24/7 airport services. For after hrs drop off there is a small fee of $15 for airport parking that we use to pay the extra charges of parking.  You can always avoid those parking fees if you pick up or drop off rental vehicles from our shop in Kahului.  We have free shuttles to the airport during business hours.

How much are the fees for airport Parking.?  Kahului Airport Parking fees are usually $13 or less. But Only if you arrive on Sundays you will have a higher fee up to $30 to pay the parking.  The great advantage is that You avoid those long and boring lines, waiting at the big car rental companies.  With Kimos Rent a car you have the most convenient and fast airport services, because the car rental will be already parked in the airport parking on your arrival date and time.  You will receive all the necessary instructions after submitting your reservation.

What is the charge for returning the car late? Unexpected circumstances occur, and you may find yourself unable to return the car before the time specified. Please call Kimo ahead of time to let us know of any changes in your departure and make sure you follow up on  drop off procedures.  

How much fuel should be in the tank when I return the car? will ask that you return the vehicle with over 1/4 tank. We also ask to drive the rental vehicle with over 1/4 tank so you avoid driving without gasoline and having to waste time of your vacation dealing with a car with empty gas tank.  Believe me it happens a lot! You waste time and money, and you can damage the gas tank of the vehicle.

What steps can I take to save money and avoid unnecessary expenses? There are a couple of things to consider and pay attention if you want to have a smooth and affordable Maui Vacation.  Avoid driving without gasoline, pay attention where you put your car keys. Don’t leave lights on so you don’t have battery problems later.  Do not return the vehicle dirty or with less than 1/4 tank. Avoid road tickets and if you get one, make sure you pay it to avoid additional charges to the fine.

What happen if I stay in the road without gasoline in the car?  That happen many times. When you are driving a vehicle that is not yours you can fail to calculate how many miles you can drive. So just remember to be safe and avoid a very inconvenient situation for everybody.  Kimos rent a car can not be responsible if the car is not running because there is no gasoline on it.  So unfortunately our customers will need to pay extra fees and waste time solving this issue.

What happen if my vehicle keys get lost?  We try to avoid customers loosing or damaging the car  keys. We installed a lock box in each rental car so you can safely leave keys inside anytime during your trip.  If the electronic keys get wet, the key will not work any more and vehicle will not start (so please surfers don’t go in the ocean with the keys in your pocket, leave it inside the lock box). Electronic keys are expensive ($200 extra fees to make a new electronic key) so avoid loosing keys, locking car with keys inside or damaging keys with water.  If you loose or lock the car with keys inside you have 2 options.  One option is to go to our shop in kahului during business hours and get a spare key.  If you lost it you are responsible to pay for  a copy of the key.  Your other option is to call a company to make a new key in the spot.  our 24 hrs emergency system will redirect your call to one of the companies that can help you in this situation.  But again, you can always pay attention and avoid this really upsetting situation and extra expenses during  your trip.

Why is Kimos establishing a non-smoking policy and ask customers to return vehicle clean?
WE ask all our customers to return the car rental in good conditions. Surfers to avoid wet things inside the vehicle.  Not to leave trash and food items in the rental car.  Tobacco smoke permeates the interior of a vehicle and leaves behind an irritating odor so it is prohibit to smoke in any of our vehicles. The purpose behind our policy is to make certain that the comfort of all our customers is taken into account. 

What steps can I take to make certain I am not charged a cleaning fee?
The easiest way to prevent a smoking-related cleaning fee is to avoid smoking while in the vehicle and returning the car in “ok” conditions.

What happens if the car is damaged, stolen, or in an accident? Accidents and vehicle theft aren’t something we like to think about, especially on your Maui Vacation, but they can happen even to the most careful driver. Optional CDW insurance can be purchased to reduce or eliminate your financial exposure which could include the full value of the vehicle and lost rental revenue during its replacement period.
If the car is stolen or has been involved in an accident, first call the local police or appropriate law enforcement agency. Second get the Insurance information on the other party involve in the accident. Next, call Kimos Rent a Car, give them your rental agreement or confirmation number and explain what has happened. If it’s after hours, Kimos has a 24 hrs emergency system that will guide you through your problem.  Finally, call your own auto insurance company with information on the incident. If the accident was the other vehicles fault, then their car insurance will be responsible for all the damages, so it is important you have all the necessary information to do the insurance claim.  If the accident is the renters responsibility, then renter is full responsible of  all the damages to our rental vehicle.  Some cases your personal car  insurance or credit card insurance will pay for damages.  In some other cases we offer you to get 3 repair estimates and we will only charge you the lowest estimate option.  Just note that Maui repair shops are usually more expensive that other places, so we advise you talk to your insurance agent or credit card before your trip.  You can also purchase the CDW insurance from us. Be careful not to violate your maui car rental agreement by driving while intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance, allowing an unauthorized personal to drive the vehicle, leaving the windows, doors or trunk unlocked, or leaving the keys in the ignition when parked. If the agreement if violated, it makes the waiver void. Be sure to familiarize yourself with all of the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. Remember that, as the renter, you are liable for all parking and moving traffic violations, so please drive safely and observe all ordinances.

 Am I required to purchase your CDW insurance? maui car rentals offer insurance against accidents, but if you already own a car, your personal auto insurance may cover any damages or loss to the rental. Our car rental CDW Insurance rate is $10 per day with a deductible of $1000.  This mean that the renter is responsible for the first $1000 charges and any additional charges are paid by Kimos Rent a car.
What kind of vehicles you rent? We rent Compact, Midsize, Wagon, SUV, Minivan & Pickup.  We have 3 Different price categories to chose from:– Older category:  has our oldest and cheaper  vehicles around year 2000.   This older category is perfect for people that want to spend the minimum as possible for a reliable car. Most of our older models have AC but it’s not guaranteed. Newer category:  has our intermediate good looking vehicles  and great deals. this category has  vehicles around year 2003 to 2006, cold AC is guaranteed.   The newer category is great for people that can afford a better looking car but are also looking for good prices.– Premium  category:  This category has our best condition vehicles. the best of our midsize, SUV and Minivans and AC is guaranteed
How safe to drive are your rental cars?  We have a full time mechanic working at Kimos 6 days per week.  He is an amazing mechanic and  is making sure that all the rental cars are carefully inspected and maintain before they get rented.  it is our Top priority that our car rentals are in the best conditions to avoid any mechanical failure.
What is the procedure in case of mechanical failure?  mechanical problems can happen even to a brand new car, is our Top priority  to minimize the number of break downs and our mechanics work is focused on preventing any future breakdowns and having the car rental in great mechanical conditions.  We ask our customers to contact us If they have any concern about the car.  If you have a mechanical issue we will replace the car rental immediately. Hour Roadside Assistance is free for all inherent mechanical faults  related to the rental car. For all other roadside assistance call outs including refueling, jump start, tyre related incidents, lost keys and keys locked in the vehicle, a service fee will be charged.
What is the customers responsibility when renting a car? Some mechanical failures are the renters responsibility.  Here are some tips to consider while driving any car rental. Renter is responsible to pay attention to the car temperature.  If vehicle overheat, renter need to stop the car immediately and contact the car rental company.   If renter keep driving a vehicle that is overheating, then the motor will break down and customer  will be fully liable for repair costs.  Usually we inspect and maintain oil and water levels in all our car rentals, but it can happen that sometimes a mayor oil or water leak can occur and renter need to stop driving the car.  Something important to know, most cases of sudden oil leaks occur while renters are driving the car rental in unpaved roads and the oil tank located under the car get broken.  Those cases are easy to identify by mechanics while lifting the vehicle and inspecting the conditions of the oil tanks.
Is there any area in Maui that is prohibit to drive?  yes, there is a road that is prohibit to drive any Maui rental car . Vehicle is not to be operated on Highway 31 from Hana to Ulupalakua (unpaived road). If car breaks down, is stranded or requires towing on that part of the highway, renter assumes full responsibility for all towing and repair costs.  That area of Maui doesn’t have phone reception so is very difficult to ask for road assistance.  So no renters should drive in that road or any unpaved roads.
What happen if i have an emergency in the middle of the night?   we have a 24/7 emergency phone system that will guide you through your problem If the breakdown occurs outside our  business hours.  (808)280-6327 #4 (emergency extension)
What happen if i have a flat tire?  all our car rentals have great quality tires.  Our tires are carefully  inspected and replaced in a regular basis.  Because our tires are new, they also have guaranty if they get flat. If you experience a flat tire you will have all the necessary tools to replace the tire for the spare one.  Then You can drive to the shop and we will fix the flat tire.  But Flat tires caused by road hazards are the renter’s responsibility.  Those tires are broken on the side and are not cover under warranty. Some renters don’t like changing the tire for the spare on,  and they choose  to call and pay extra fees for road assistance.roadsideassistance



Maui is a dream for the active traveler. It’s been consistently chosen as the best island in the world. There are so many things to do that you’ll never be able to do them all in just one visit. Here, however, are some of our picks for the best things to do in Maui.


– Hookipa Beach Park (NorthShore)

– Baldwind Beach (NorthShore)

– Baby Beach (NorthShore)

– Makena beach (Wailea)

– Secret Beach (Wailea)

– Hamoa Beach and Red sand beach (Hana)


– Hookipa Beach  (advance level)

– Mamas or Kuau (advance level and no crowd )

– Outside Reef of Speacksville (advance level and no crowd – access from baby beach)

– Kanaha Beach (all levels)

– Spreacksville Beach (all levels –  this beach is located on stable road, the 2nd right, follow the dirt road until the beach)


Being an island, it’s little surprise that some of the best thing to do on Maui take place on or under the ocean.

As wonderful as Maui’s beaches are, no trip to Maui is complete without experiencing all the the sea has to offer.

– Surf Lessons  Instructor Kevin (808)306-4449

– Stand up Paddle lessons

– kitesurfing lessons: Paul Franco 808 357-4976

– windsurfing lessons

– Snorkeling and Scuba Diving


– Regular Boat Tour

Sheltered by Lana‘i and Moloka‘i, the breezy offshore waters of Maui are ideal for sailing. Try a Boat Trip Tour or a Private boat trip.  The nearby award-winning Lana‘i Cathedrals at Lana‘i is considered to be one of the most beautiful dive sites in the world, and there is also the famous Molokini volcanic crater.

Lanai Maui Dolphin Watch & Snorkel – (boat trips or private boat)

Maui Molokini & Turtle Towne Snorkeling Tours

Whale-Watching.  Every year between December and March, humpback whales congregate in the warm waters near Maui to mate and birth their young. There are so many whales over such a small area that one researcher has termed it ‘whale nirvana.’ Dozens of whale-watch companies run 2-hour inflatable-boat trips out of Lahaina and Maalaea harbors.




Watch the Biggest Waves in the World.  Peahi  Only when the North Swell is big and there is a High Wave warning for Maui Northshore between november and march.  Jaws  is roughly three miles east of PAIA  from the hana hwy . A mostly unpaved road leads north from the highway between mile marker 13 and 14.  The lookouts on the cliffs above the break are the best vantage points for spectators; professional photographers use boats or helicopters. There have been several “World Cup of Tow-in Surfing” contests held, but the changing conditions mean the dates cannot be set in advance.


If you plan to visit Hana, calculate at least the full day trip.  Hana is the most popular drive on Maui, and in all of Hawaii, is the Road to Hana with 54 bridges in 56 miles along a winding lava shore, through old plantation towns, past miles of beaches and through towering forests. There are many Waterfalls next to the road, nice to stop and have a swim, specially if you are feeling car sick.

Some of the places we advice to visit on your Hana Day are:


Waianapanapa State Park visitors come to this state park  for its black sand beaches and  hiking trails. If you follow the trails you will see some nice  fresh water caves, great for swimming.  When the waves are small, the ocean is very nice for snorkeling .

– SEVEN POOLS : While still part of Haleakala National Park, Ohe’o Gulch is accessed via the Hana Highway (about a half hour drive past Hana town).  There are at least 7 pools with water flowing into and out of each one. The pools can be closed to swimming for either excessive water flow or stagnant water depending on the rainfall in the forest.   Rains in the mountains above can cause a flash flood in the pools.

The Pipiwai Trail begins from the park entrance at Ohe`o Gulch and is a 1.8 mile hike from there to Waimoku Falls.  The hike can be slippery, and muddy in parts, but it is well worth the 800′ climb. Several waterfalls can be seen along the trail, and the bamboo forest is a site to behold all on it’s own.

– visit Hana Town and eat in the local style Hana Thai Restaurant.

– Red Sand Beach in Hana Town.

Parking is at the corner of Uakea and Hauoli Roads. The trail head begins at the Hotel Hana-Maui’s Sea Ranch Cottages. Short ten-minute walk to red cinder sand in a secluded cove.

– Hamoa Beach is also very nice to visit.


 Mamas fish House.  The most romantic and amazing restaurant of Maui.  it is expensive but also a MUST.  Can’t miss.  Make Reservations

Nuka:  Japanese venue with diverse small-plate list, sushi & specialty rolls, plus a range of drinks. Address: 780 Haiku Rd, Haiku, HI 96708 Phone:(808) 575-2939

Sansei – Great Sushi restaurant.  Thursday and Friday nights  50% off from 9am  and Karaoke night, get ready to sing!. Moderate prices.

Casanova.  Makawao Italian Restaurant.

Makawao Sushi

Makawao steak House

Kula lodge restaurant


Cafe des Amis.  Great mediterranean Food.   (paia town)

Flat Bread  (Paia Town).  Pizza

Milagros (Paia Town)

Fish Market (Paia Town)



– Mana Food.  Paia organic Store.

– Cash & Carry (Kahului) Good prices.

– Safeway ( Kahului)

– Costco.  Best prices but only members have access. (kahului)

– Whole Food organic store (Kahului)



website security


Renting a car can often be confusing, frustrating, and worst of all, expensive.  But it doesn’t have to be. Kimos Rent a Car is a friendly business because we started our maui car rental, renting cars to friends and family. Today we have over 100 cars in our fleet, and we are committed to keeping that some philosophy that started our business 10 years ago.  We are first of all a friendly car rental that works very hard to keep all our customers and friends happy.

The tips below could end up saving you a lot of money. And with all these savings, you may actually find renting a car with Kimos rent a car enjoyable…

1. Before you book your flight tickets remember that the car rental companies calculate  rates a based on a 24 hour rental day starting with the hour you pick up the vehicle. Kimos rent a car has a 3hour no charge grace period before an extra day charge is applied when returning the car rental.  So keeping this detail in mind can save you some money on your Maui vacation.

2. CDW insurance add extra cost to your car rental.  If you’re renting a car in the United States and already have car insurance, your car insurance may cover a rental car (just call your insurance agent to make sure).  If you are renting in the US and don’t have car insurance, book your rental car with a  credit card that offers supplemental insurance. You can also call your credit card company directly.If you’re renting internationally, the supplemental insurance that the credit card offers usually becomes primary insurance, and so once again, you’ll be covered.

3.  Avoid GPS rental. If you’re renting in the US, simply use your smartphone’s map function. This option is also available when renting internationally as well.  Instead of a $10 a day GPS, get a new SIM card for your phone (make sure your phone is unlocked first). In most countries, $15 will get you data plan large enough to use the map for a few days and also be able to answer email and check Facebook!


 4.  Fill gasoline where it’s cheapest.  But oftentimes, you aren’t aware of the difference in gas prices, which can be dramatic. Costco Gas in Kahului has the lowest gasoline prices of Maui only available for Costco members.  So on your next trip to Maui, don’t forget your Costco Card and your Amex/Debit Card!!

5.  Always return the car with 1/4 tank.  That is the minimum gasoline we ask our customers to put in the car. We don’t want anybody driving the car with less that 1/4 tank to avoid vehicle damages. Like all the rest of the Maui car rental companies, Kimos will also charge an extra fee for returning the car rental with less than 1/4 tank. We don’t want to charge that extra fees to anybody, so please make sure you understand that is important for us that the car has gasoline. 


6. Always drive the car with over 1/4 gasoline TO  avoid driving without gasoline and having to waste time of your vacation dealing with a car with empty gas tank.  Believe me it happens a lot! You waste time and money, and you can damage the gas tank of the vehicle.  You don’t need to get stuck in the side of the road because your car rental don’t have gas.  


7. Kimos rent a car has the most convenient airport pick ups and drop off.  You avoid waiting in lines and you arrive and departure Maui as a local.  But you need to pay additional for airport parking. The extra cost of the airport parking is up to a maximum of $10. Only for Sundays arrivals airport parking will be a bite more (max of  $20) but if you can avoid picking up the car at the airport location or dropping the car rental during business hours, you can save some extra money. Kimos offer free shuttles to airport during business hrs. Just remember, Kimos rent a car don’t make extra profit on airport parking fees.  And we offer our customers the option to avoid those fees.  


8.  Be aware how you handle your vehicle keys.   We try to avoid customers loosing, locking  or damaging the car  keys. We installed a lock box in each rental car so you can safely leave keys inside anytime during your trip.  If the electronic keys get wet, the key will not work any more and vehicle will not start (so please surfers don’t go in the ocean with the keys in your pocket, leave it inside the lock box). Electronic keys are expensive ($200 extra fees to make a new electronic key) so avoid loosing keys, locking car with keys inside or damaging keys with water.  If you loose or lock the car with keys inside you have 2 options.  One option is to go to our shop in Kahului during business hours and get a spare key.  If you lost it you are responsible to pay for  a copy of the key.  Your other option is to call a company to make a new key in the spot.  our 24 hrs emergency system will redirect your call to one of the companies that can help you in this situation.  But again, you can always pay attention and avoid this really upsetting situation and extra expenses during  your trip.



9.  Don’t speed.  There’s nothing worse than opening an envelope from the Maui state police four months after your vacation has ended and being hit with a couple hundred dollar speeding ticket or any other road tickets.

10. Driving a car in unpaved road or unauthorized area can damage the oil pan (located under the car). always check the car temperature and never drive a vehicle that is overheating.  
For More Tips about your Maui vacation Please read:  Maui Ocean and outdoor Safety. 
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