Jaws Peahi Maui Hawaii

kim jaws by giora

Kimo surfing Pehai

Windsurfing Hookipa Maui Hawaii

Kimo Windsurfing Ho'okipa

Kimo Windsurfing Ho'okipa


Hookipa Maui Hawaii

Kimo one handed table top

Kimo one handed table top


Freediving Maui

marina dive

Marina Daian Freediving shipwreck


Kimo spearfishing Maui

spearfishing Hawaii.


windsurfing girls

paula daian windsurfing jump

Kimo's wife Paula windsurfing


Kimo's Peahi Bomb

kimos rent a car

Kimo towing Peahi


Marina Daian surfing Honolua Bay

marina daian

photo by Giora Koren



spearfishing maui

Paula Daian surfing Peahi Jaws

paula daian peahi

Kimo's tow surf partner and wife Paula Daian


windsurfing Maui

windsurfing maui. Hookipa beach


Paula Windsurfing Magazine

paula daian magazine

Team Kimos front Page Windsurfing Magazine U.S


Paula Daian windsurfing

paula daian windsurfing

ocean lifestyle


Paula Daian in Nature

paula daian seal

Kimo's Team Monk Seal

Kimos Team Monk Seal

Kimos windsurfing

Kimo Aerial Ho'okipa

Kimo Aerial Ho'okipa

Paula & Dolphin

paula daian dolphin

Team Dolphin windsurfing Hawaii. Respect the Ocean!


Team Dolphin and Paula windsurfing Hawaii

paula daian dolphins

ocean love


Team Kimos believe in having passions, to enjoy life and to be happy.

We wish our customers and friends to have a great Maui Vacation, enjoy the island and push their own limits.

Please respect the Island and the Ocean.

Have a greta time in Maui and many lifelong memories from this magic island.

Much Aloha!

Team Kimos – Maui car rental